Php with laravel for beginners - laravel Interview Questions | Php with Laravel Exam Questions

Php with laravel for beginners - laravel Interview Questions | Php with Laravel Exam Questions

1.    HTML is stands for

a.    Hypertext marking language

b.    Hypertext making language

c.     Hypertext markup language

d.    Hypertext mockup language

2.    There are levels of heading in HTML

a. Three

b. Four

c. Six

d. Nine

3. Which of the following tags do not require a closing tag?

a.    <a>

b.    <br>

c.     <u>

d.    <i>

4. To get the ordered list we use

a.    <h1>

b.    <ul>

c.     <ol>

d.    <hr>

5.    html comment should be enclosed between

a.    <! and  >

b.    <!-- and -->

c.     None of the above

6.             tag is used before beginning of the paragraph text

a.    textarea

b.    p

c.     sup

d.    h1

7.    html document have a extension     

a.    .htm or .html

b.    .hnt or .xml

c.     .asp

d.    None of the above

8. Which of the following is true?

a.    In tables, header cells are centred by default and the data cells are right-aligned.

b.    In the case of character formatting the tag <TW> is used for typewriter-like text

c.     Unordered list starts with <UL> and ends with <UL>

d.    SUPR> tag is used for superscripts

9.    The symbol that identities that HREF attribute as the name of a NAME anchor rather than an address or filename is

a.    “#”

b.    “javascript:void(0)”

c.     “&”

d.    “!”

10.  Which one of the following tags is used to insert graphics on the web page?

a.    image

b.    images

c.     graphics

d.    img

11.  is widely known as the father of the world wide web

a.    Tom Berners-lee

b.    Tom bruce-lee

c.     Tim bruce-lee

d.    Tim Berners-Lee

12.  URI is the stands for

a.     Universal resource identifier

b.    Unified resource identifier

c.     Universal reference identifier

d.    None of the above

13.  What does CSS stand for?

a.    Creative Style Sheets

b.    Colorful Style Sheets

c.     Cascading Style Sheets

d.    Computer Style Sheets

14.  What is the correct HTML for referring to an external style sheet?

a.    <stylesheet>mystyle.css</stylesheet />

b.    <style src=”mystyle.css” />

c.     <link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”mystyle.css”>

d.    <script src=”mystyle.css”></script>

15.  Which is the correct CSS syntax?

a.    body {color: black}

b.    {body;color:black}

c.     {body:color=black(body}

d.    body:color=black

16.   How do you insert a comment in a CSS file?

a.    // this is a comment //

b.    /* this is a comment */

c.     ‘ this is a comment

d.    // this is a comment

17.  How do you add a background color for all <h1> elements?

a.    all.h1 {background-color:#FFFFFF}; 

b.    h1.all {background-color:#FFFFFF} 

c.     h1 {background-color:#FFFFFF} 

d.    None of Them

18.  How do you change the font of an element?

a.    font-family:

b.    font=

c.     f:

d.    None of them

19.  To define the space between the element’s border and content, you use the padding property, but are you allowed to use negative values?

a.    sometimes

b.    yes

c.     no

20.  How many columns are allowed in a Bootstrap 4.6 grid system?

a.    8

b.    10

c.     12

d. 14

21.  How much type of selector supported by CSS?

a.    5 types

b.    4 types

c.     2 types

d.    6 types

22.  Which Bootstrap 5 Components used for Slider / Slideshow?

a.    carousels

b.    carousel

c.     carousel-slider

d.    carousel-inner


23.  Which one of the following also known as Conditional Expression:

a.    Alternative to if-else

b.    Switch statement

c.     If-then-else statement

d.    immediate if

24.  The "function" and " var" are known as:

a.    Keywords

b.    Data types

c.     Declaration statements

d.    Prototypes

25.  Which of the following number object function returns the value of the number?

a.    toString()

b.    valueOf()

c.     toLocaleString()

d.    toPrecision()

26.  Which of the following function of the String object returns the character in the string starting at the specified position via the specified number of characters?

a.    Slice()

b.    Substr()

c.     Split()

d.    Search()

27.  PHP is a ............

a.    Open Source Language

b.    Widely Used Language

c.     Server side scripting language

d. All of the above

28.  Which of the following symbol is used to add multiple line comments in PHP?

a.    //

b.    /**/

c.     {{ }}

d.    {/ \}

29.  Which sign is used to access variable of variable in PHP?

a.    $$

b.    $

c.     @

d.    &

30.           is used to unset a variable in PHP ?

a.    Delete()

b.    Unset()

c.     Unlink()

d.    Delete()


31.  Which function in PHP is used to get the length of string variable?

a.    Count()

b.    Strcount()

c.     Strlen()

d.    None of them

32.  Who is the father of PHP?

a.    Drek Kolkevi

b.    Rasmus Lerdorf

c.     Willam Makepiece

d.    List Barely

33.  A function in PHP which starts with (double underscore) is known as

a.    Inbuilt Function

b.    Default Function

C.  Magic Function

d.    User Defined Function

34.  Bootstrap directory in Laravel is used to

a. Initialize a Laraval application

b.    Call laravel library functions

c.     Load the configuration files

d.    Load laravel classes and models

35.  Artisan command to flush the application cache:

a.    cache:flush

b. cache:clear

c.     cache:forget

d.    None of them

36.  The vendor directory contains

a.    Laravel Framework code

b.    Assets

c. Third-party code

d.    Configuration files

37.  Where is the routing file located in Laravel ?

a.    app/Http/

b. routes/

c.     urls/

d.    vendors/

38.  Which of following command is used to create a symbolic link from "public/storage" directory to "storage/app/public"?

a. storage:link

b.    link:public

c.     link:storage

d.    storage:link public/storage


39.  Which of following methods are used in database migrations classes?

a.    execute() and rollback()

b. up() and down()

c.     run() and delete()

d.    save() and update()

40.  For what do the .env is used?

a. For setting environment variables

b.    For running cron jobs

c.     For tracking vendors

d.    None of These