10 BEST Keyword Research Tools for SEO [2022 Reviews]

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10 BEST Keyword Research Tools for SEO [2022 Reviews]
Google Trends Planner

If you, as a blogger or youtuber, do not know what keyword research is and how to do keyword research, then maybe you are far behind in this career.

It's not just bloggers who have to do keyword research! Keyword Research is very important in any case of any type of website & youtube channel.

What is a keyword?

A keyword is a word or phrase that refers to the main content of an article or a web page. Keywords are the words or phrases that a person uses to search for their desired product or service through Google or any other search engine.

For example, suppose you make coffee. But you don't know how to make coffee. So if you want to know how to make coffee, you may need to read an article or watch a video on this topic. For which you now have to search on Google or any other search option on YouTube.

Now you google "How to make a coffee?" Typed and searched. Then Google showed you some website articles and videos on how to make coffee.

Meaning "How to make a website?" You get your desired results for typing search. Here “How to make a website” is a keyword. Again, if you want, you can just type "website" and search on Google, in this case only "website" will be a keyword.

Simply put, a keyword is a set of words or phrases that someone searches on Google. This means that the word or phrase that you will search for in Google or any other search engine for your desired result is a keyword.

I hope I've been able to get a rough idea of ​​what keywords are. So let's discuss how many types of keywords and its details.

How many types of keywords?

There is no exact answer to the question of how many types of keywords. There are different types of keywords based on different content. However, there are basically two types of keywords.

1.Head terms Keyword

2. Long-tail keywords

The above example can be given to understand the key terms keyword and long tail keyword.

If you search in Google or any other search engine just by typing Coffee then it is Head terms Keyword. On the other hand, if you search by typing How to make a coffee, it will be a long-tail keyword.

In other words, in Bengali, short key words are called Head terms Keyword. And the combination of many words together to form a phrase or sentence is called a long-tail keyword. Head terms Keyword is also called Short-tail keyword.

How to do keyword research?

 Today's online blogging platform is like a kind of business.

 Thousands of people are starting blogging on the same topic or niche.

This is creating a lot of competition among every blogger (blogger). Because nowadays if you do a Google search for any keyword, question, topic or problem, Google gives you many good solutions on its first page.

But the answer or solution to the same question is published by many on their blog, so Google or other search engines have a lot of choice of information.

So Google and other search engines show the best SEO friendly, user friendly, high quality content blogs or websites in its top 10 results (Top 10 Results).

Content or blogs with low quality, poor SEO optimization are shown on the second page.

As a result, only blogs or websites on the first page get traffic or visitors from Google and other search engines.

So if your blog is not getting traffic and visitors from Google or other search engines, then maybe you are not writing good quality articles.

Moreover, even if you do not use proper SEO optimization techniques in your articles, it becomes difficult to get traffic from search engines.

If you are writing an article without any knowledge about "what is keyword research" and how to do keyword research, then this is your biggest mistake in terms of SEO.

Why is keyword research important?

It is said that an article without proper keywords is like a driverless car.

Keyword research is the process of choosing the right keyword for a blog or article. To know how important a keyword is, you first need to know how to rank a blog or article. And how does an article come up in the top ranks of search engines?

One thing to keep in mind is, what is the first step in getting a blog or article into the top rankings of search engines?

That's right, a blog or article starts with a keyword for both the reader and the writer. Just as a writer first creates the content of his writing by selecting a keyword, on the other hand a reader searches Google with that keyword for his desired result.

In other words, both the writer and the reader start from the keyword.

The importance of keyword research is immense when it comes to choosing the right keywords. The main asset of a YouTube, blog or website is traffic or visitors. And keyword research plays a very important role in bringing this traffic or visitors to your blog. If you fail to choose the right keyword then you will fail in your blogging career.

Keyword Research Tool:

The applications through which keyword research is done are known as keyword research tools. There are many keyword research tools in the online world, most of which are paid applications, that is, you have to pay a certain amount of money to use those applications.

However, there are some free keyword research tools that you can use to easily choose the right keyword for your blog.

Below are some important keyword research tools to consider in terms of usage and popularity.

Some Popular Free Keyword Research Tools:

  1. Google AdWords: Keyword Planner (Free)
  2. Google Trends ( Free)
  3. Ubersuggest tool  (Free)
  4. Soovle (Free)
  5. KeywordTool.io (Free+Paid)
  6. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer (Paid)
  7. SEMrush (Paid)
  8. Moz Keyword Explore (paid)
  9. Keywords Everywhere (paid)

Keyword research tools can be used to find new and useful keywords or phrases for articles.

And, of course, every professional blogger uses this process.

However, there are other other means by which we can use Google Auto Suggest, one of the most popular among the profitable and most searched key phrases on Google.

What is Google auto suggest?

When we type a word or keyword into a Google search, Google suggests many other phrases or key phrases associated with that keyword or word.

What is keyword research? Best Keyword Research Tools

For example, after I just typed the keyword "from mobile" above, Google automatically showed me many more sentences, questions or key phrases related to that keyword.

Of course, if I write an article targeting these kinds of auto suggested key phrases shown by Google, then my blog will have a chance to get a lot of traffic and visitors from Google search.

Because Google shows these types of auto suggest key phrases only when people type those sentences or keywords and do a lot of search on Google.

This means that if any sentence, word, question or key phrase is searched extensively on Google, Google will show them in its auto suggested keyword.

So if you write an article with this kind of key phrase, you will definitely get traffic from Google.

Moreover, using the google keyword planner tool, you can know the exact search volume of key phrases.

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Google Adwords: Keyword Planner

What is keyword research? Best Keyword Research Tools

Google's product means happiness as much as possible. In other words, in the language of online marketing where you will get the maximum benefit for free without paying any kind of money.

 But that doesn't mean it's the best of all keyword tools on the market. Keyword Planner is one of the most popular free keyword tools.

If you are new to blogging or keyword research, then Keyword Planner is the best medium for you.

Here you can easily choose the right keyword for your blog or article without any hassle.

What is keyword research? Best Keyword Research Tools

Google Keyword Planner lets you know Average Monthly Searches, Competition, Ad Impression Share, Top of Page bid High / Low. If you want, you can select the specific country and language from Settings.

With the help of this tool it is possible to know the location, language as well as the demand for the keyword in any month or time.

Moreover this tool has one more gun.

Shows all the other keywords related to the word or phrase you searched for and the amount of their search on Google.

This will allow you to add more profitable keywords to your content that are related to the targeted keywords.

You will also get profitable keyword ideas for writing new articles in the future.

Google keyword planner tool is a free service of Google.

So you will need a Google account to use this tool.

Tool, go to the "Discover new keyword ideas" option.

Then you have to type the keyword you want to research and click on the "Get results" option below.

Remember, if you want to do Bangla keyword research, you must change the language from "English" to "Bangla".

Google Trends

What is keyword research? Best Keyword Research Tools

When we verify the results of a keyword using a variety of tools, almost all keyword tools display an approximate data based on the past year or months.

But Google Trends is a browser application developed by Google that allows you to easily find out which countries are being searched for the most and which are the most trending topics in recent times.

This means that if you want to know right now what is the most searched topic in America and what are the recent viral topics there then you have to use Google Trends.

Ubersuggest tool

What is keyword research? Best Keyword Research Tools

After Google's Keyword Planner tool, I recommend using the "Ubersuggest tool".

Because like keyword planner, this tool is completely free and gives us accurate information about how many times a month any keyword is searched on Google.

What is keyword research? Best Keyword Research Tools

As you can see above, after searching by typing "how to start a blog", the tool showed me that this keyword is searched on Google 60,500 times a month.

Moreover, you can know how easy it is to get traffic using the keyword through SEO difficulty score.

Remember that the lower the SEO difficulty score (less than 20 is better) the easier it will be to rank Google articles with that keyword.

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Below the volume you can see that the search volume is given as the monthly keyword.

This means that you can know how many times the sentence was searched on Google in a month.

In this way, using this free tool, you will get information about how many times any keyword, word or sentence is being searched in Google search.

At the same time, you can know how easily any keyword can be ranked in Google through SEO difficulty score.


Soovle is a free keyword research tool that allows you to simultaneously research keywords for multiple search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Answer’s, Amazon.

What is keyword research? Best Keyword Research Tools

Even this keyword research tool suggests keywords for YouTube.

This means that if you want to get keyword research results from several search engines at the same time, you can definitely use Soovle.

 So the use of Soovle in keyword research for several platforms at the same time is really surprising.


With KeywordTool.io like Soovle and at the same time you can do keyword research for many search engines.

What is keyword research? Best Keyword Research Tools

Another feature of KeywordTool.io is that you can use this tool to do keyword research in Bengali language. Which is not available in any other keyword research tool in the current market.

However, the problem is that there is a free version and a paid version of these tools. In the free version you will only get an idea of ​​your desired keywords, but if you can move to the paid version then you will get various trends starting from search volume.

Although the free version does not provide search volume facility, you can use KeywordTool.io for Bangla keyword research. In this case you will be able to get a good idea about Bangla keywords.

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Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

What is keyword research? Best Keyword Research Tools

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer is a complete paid keyword research tool. If you have no problem with budget then this Ahrefs Keywords Explorer tool is best for you.

It is a very popular keyword research tool for general bloggers and affiliate marketing bloggers.

Here you can choose keywords as well as get a full direction of how your competitor is working.


SEMrush is one of the most popular paid keyword research tools.

What is keyword research? Best Keyword Research Tools

  With SEMrush like Keywords Explorer and you can perform many important tasks like backlink monitoring in the computer starting from site audit. If you do not have budget problems, you can use SEMrush.

Moz Keyword Explore

Moz Keyword Explorer like Ahrefs Keywords Explorer and SEMrush are also much more popular.

What is keyword research? Best Keyword Research Tools

 Using this tool you can see the complete details of which keywords your competitor's articles are ranking.

You can also use Moz Keyword Explorer with the Chrome browser extension. One of the great benefits of Moz Keyword Explorer is that if it is paid and you can do 10 searches per month for free.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is basically a browser extension. In addition to Google Chrome, you can use it in Mozilla Firefox and as an add-on.

With this extension you can easily see the CPC and competition with the monthly search volume of any keyword in Google search option.

 That means you don't need any additional tools for this. Only in Google search results you will get complete details of your desired keywords.

Another feature of Keywords Everywhere Browser Extension is that here you will find important features like People Also Search For, like Google search results. This will allow you to easily find other keywords that are compatible with one keyword.

The last word

In the end, it is learned that keyword research is done before writing any article on the blog so that you have accurate information about the content of your article or the targeted keywords searched on Google.

If you already know how many searches are being done per month in Google search on the topic you are writing about and how easy it will be to rank in Google with the keyword then you can get a lot of traffic from Google in a very short time.

So, remember that the most important and important thing in terms of blogging and SEO is to do "keyword research".