About Us

BD Bangar News.com (BD Banglar News) started its journey in 2022. Due to bold journalism, rich content and presentation with unique layout and design, BD Bangla News has quickly won hearts, even the most sophisticated and fastidious readers have extended their loyalty to it. Since then, Prothom Alo has been lighting up every corner of Bangladesh along with 200 other countries and regions of the world through its print and digital offerings.

Values ​​and principles

The contributing factor behind the unmatched popularity of BD Bangla News is the values ​​and principles we adhere to:

Professional journalism

We all practice transparent and objective journalism with exemplary courage at all times.

People focus

We talk about people all the time; We are and will be with the people for life.


BD Bangla News.com Digital

BD Bangla’s news online portal is the number one Bangladeshi and Bangla language website. Our portal receives visitors from different countries and regions of the world every day and can be accessed by all visitors.